European Assembly for Climate Justice : Brussels 18th to 21st November 2011

Following the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference at the end of 2009, and the dangerous agreements reached in Cancun one year later (which put the world on track for a 4 or 5 degree rise in global temperatures) there is more need than ever to build a movement for climate justice.

Come to Brussels from 18th to 21st November, to help build that movement!

In the run up to the UN climate negotiations in Durban, we will bring together environmentalists, trade unionists, people involved in youth, students and women’s movements, small farmers, and concerned citizens from across Europe for 3 days of actions, discussions, workshops and debate. The event builds on the event in November last year, which attracted over 250 climate justice activists, and people from social and environmental movements from around Europe.
The aim of the Assembly is to build a movement that can put forward socially just answers to the climate crisis, in solidarity with those communities in the north and south who will be the hardest hit by the impacts of climate change.
See for a review of the event.

We will provide a space for environmental and social movements to come together to take action, discuss strategies and make plans for building a movement for climate justice in Europe. It will also be a space to discuss the real solutions to climate change including: the transformation of the energy system away from nuclear power and fossil fuels – towards democratically controlled renewable energy, and energy efficiency; food sovereignty; and alternatives to market based solutions to the climate crisis.

The Assembly starts with an action and social event on the Friday evening, followed on the Saturday morning by the general meeting of the Belgian movement “Climate and Social Justice” (all are welcome, although the meeting will be in Dutch and French), a series of workshops on campaigning/action techniques, and an action in Brussels city centre. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, there will be workshops around the 3 themes: Energy production and consumption, Food Sovereignty, and Opposing carbon trading. If you would like to offer workshops on any of these themes, please get in touch.
On Saturday evening, we will have a public meeting with international speakers presenting their struggles for climate justice. The event will finish on Sunday with a panel discussion on how we build a movement in Europe during Durban and in the run-up to the Rio+20 summit in June 2012.

There will be space for groups to plan their own climate justice actions to take place on Monday 21st.

Holding the assembly one week before the start of COP17 will hopefully allow people who will also be travelling to Durban to attend the Assembly. The groups making this call are also supporting the international demonstrations on climate change, on 3rd December.

If you, or your organisation, is interested in helping to organise the Assembly, or if you have suggestions for the programme (or if you just want to stay up to date with the plans), please get in touch via:

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