Call for a Climate Justice Bloc in the “Sing for the Climate” demonstration

The demonstration will take place on Sunday, the 28th of November, 14:00 at the Brussels-North (Brussel-Noord / Bruxelles-Nord) railway station. We will gather behind the “Climate and Social Justice” banner

Sing for the Climate? Shout for Climate Justice!

One year after the total failure of Copenhagen, the world leaders will gather again for another round of negotiations. In Copenhagen they proved unwilling to let go of the business as usual and instead of making progress towards climate justice, they rather discussed which false solution they would prefer. The only voice that really promoted climate justice was the voice of the social movements inside and outside the negotiations. Last year we pushed for climate justice. Even if we didn’t get it on the official agenda, we succeeded to find and  create a common ground to talk about the real solutions in the first ever international Peoples’ Assembly on the topic of Climate Justice. This year several groups have called for a European Climate Assembly to continue those discussions and further build this movement. We want to make sure that a critical sound is heard both in Brussels and in Cancun, but singing might not be enough.

The world leaders need more than just the encouragement of a song. They need to be confronted with a movement they cannot ignore. So they need to hear us shouting, they need to know that we won’t settle for anything less than a policy that not only stops climate change, but also delivers climate justice. As the present system of business as usual isn’t capable of delivering justice, we need to change this system. Contrary to the usual songs, our song might sound dissonant. But their belief in the failing mechanisms of the neoliberal market can no longer fool us. Justice is priceless and our climate is not for sale!

Therefore we call for a climate justice bloc in the “sing for the climate” demonstration. A bloc that will shout for Climate Justice, system change and real solutions. As only those can deliver on both: stopping dangerous climate change and advance social justice.

So join us and sing for the climate. Join us and shout for climate justice! So the world leaders know that ignoring us is not an option. We will continue our struggle for climate justice, with or without their support.

One year after we pushed for climate justice in Copenhagen, it’s time to get up again. It’s time to dust our winter coats off and to shout our heads off in brussels to demand climate justice – now more urgent than ever.

More information on the “Sing for the Climate” event:


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