Statement for Cancún

Motion from the European Assembly for Climate Justice, Brussels 28/11/2010

The European Assembly for Climate Justice, a gathering of social and environmental movements from across Europe, recognises that the current model of production, distribution and consumption is at the root of the climate crisis. The impacts are felt first and hardest by those who have contributed least to the problem.
We demand a fair, ambitious and binding global agreement to confront climate change, but countries should not wait for this agreement to take initiatives at a national level.

The following principles, in solidarity with the outcomes of the Cochabamba People’s Agreement, should define international climate policy:
1) Immediate and drastic emissions reductions are needed, following at least the most radical IPCC-scenario, without nuclear power, massive import of agrofuels, coal and other fossil fuels.

2) Emissions reductions must be achieved domestically, without offsetting emissions or other market mechanisms.

3) Ecological measures need to be inextricably linked with social justice, including workers’ demands for dignified work, just income and social and economic democracy, in North and South.

4) Respect and support for the rights and sovereignty of people and communities, especially in the global South.

5) The climate debt of European governments and multinational corporations must be repaid in the form of assistance in case of catastrophes, sufficient and appropriate financial and technological transfers to developing countries, without control by the World Bank and other international financial institutions.

The results of the climate negotiations in Cancun will be evaluated in view of these principles.

We know that the shift to a sustainable society needs the support of a large amount of the population. We commit to mobilise alongside workers, youth and students, women, peasants and indigenous peoples organisations to support these demands for climate justice.

If your organisation would like to sign on to these demands, please mail: (or leave a comment below)


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