About the message to Cancún

A motion on Climate Justice in Europe
In Copenhagen at the end of 2009 the slogan “System Change, not Climate Change” was widely used. Since then, there have been many debates within the global climate (justice) movement over which strategy should be taken, and the ideological choices that we face can be more clearly formulated. We do not want to make a general declaration summing up all of our demands and struggles, but a short summary of principles in order to move the debate within the global and European climate justice movement forwards. The principles will also help to guide our response to the outcomes of the Cancun negotiations, and help to prevent the widespread disempowerment and demobilisation that was felt after Copenhagen.

We received input from a wide range of groups, and an ammended version was discussed, and finally agreed, at the European Assembly for Climate Justice, which took place in Brussels from 26th to 29th November 2010.

Read the text of the motion


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